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Happy New Year!
We wish you a happy new year and look back on many beautiful places and have fun with natur-erleben.com. We hope that 2011 has started well for you and we look forward to your new favorite places and your suggestions and comments.

Best wishes,

Your Florena team

01/12/2011 / florena

The winter dreams on Christmas Eve
On Christmas Eve, the ladies from www.lesaffairesbelles.blogspot.com took a little snow walk through the Mainz city park to hide the winter dream box for you. In addition to many different animals and greenhouses with tropical plants, the box found its hiding place at the foot of the memorial for the German Federal Shooting of 1894.

Bigger map view

You can find the full article here: http://lesaffairesbelles.blogspot.com/2010/12/florena-adventskalender-die-kiste-ist.html

December 27, 2010 / florena

Winter dreams on December 23rd
One day before Christmas, the blog http://www.chocolate-bit.ch has chosen a nice place to hide those winter dreams. After a difficult day, the box finally found its hiding place in the Benrath Palace Park in Düsseldorf.

Bigger map view

All information and a nice photo story about the hike in the box can be found in the full article at: http://www.chocolate-bit.ch/2010/12/die-box-ich-florena-adventskalender.html

25.12.2010 / florena

The winter dreams want to be found in Koblenz
On the 22nd day of Advent, Isabelle from www.beautydavne.blogspot.com came up with a special scavenger hunt for you. As of today, it will provide information on where the box can be found in Koblenz. As a first indication, she has chosen a district whose name is derived from a hallway name that is more than 500 years old.

More information and the full article can be found here: http://beautydavne.blogspot.com/2010/12/florena-wintertraume-erste-hinweise.html

12/22/2010 / florena

The winter dreams until Christmas
For 24 days, 24 bloggers hide the Florena “Winter Dreams” box in their favorite places in nature. Every day of Advent until Christmas you can find information about the places where a box was hidden. The finder can of course keep the box. However, we would be very happy to receive pictures, comments or emails from the finder.

So that you do not go looking without orientation, we now introduce you to the bloggers who are hiding the winter dream box for you throughout Germany in the last days before Christmas.

22) Isabelle from www.beautydavne.blogspot.com // The blog www.beautydavne.blogspot.com deals with cosmetics, face care and body care. These are also the topics that have become the blogger’s hobby. That’s why she writes about it on her blog. Perhaps that is also due to her professional career: She has been working in the cosmetics sector for 5 years and is therefore familiar with typical customer questions. With the help of her blog, she tries to answer questions from readers who are not familiar with it. That is also what defines her blog: The combination of passion for beauty and her professional cosmetic knowledge.

23) www.keinezicktsoschoenwieich.blogspot.com // “Give the Bitch Her Chocolate” blogs about cosmetics, beauty and a bit of fashion: Everything from a fun perspective, because blogging and blogging should primarily be fun! 🙂 Her blog www.keinezicktsoschoenwieich.blogspot.com came into being because she enjoys it and communicating with like-minded people is great, interesting and very warm. This also allows her to live out her creativity.

24) Amelie, Magalie and Belle from www.lesaffairesbelles.blogspot.com // www.lesaffairesbelles.blogspot.com are three completely different personalities who came together through the common hobby of cosmetics. They mainly deal with high-end cosmetics, but also like to present great products from the cheaper range. Her blog covers everything: skin care, make-up, hair care, body care – just everything that has to do with cosmetics! There are also reviews, tutorials, product and collection presentations, but every now and then they also give posts about music, literature and culinary things a little insight into their private life.

We wish you every success in finding your winter dreams and a Merry Christmas.

Your Florena “natur-erleben.com” team

21.12.2010 / florena

Stopover in Munich
Today Daniela from www.danib001.blogspot.com hid the Florena winter dream box for you. As a hiding place, she has chosen a place where she likes to spend her lunch break. A small green spot in Munich where you can relax for an hour and let your mind wander.

Bigger map view

All references and the full article can be found at: http://danib001.blogspot.com/2010/12/florena-adventskalender-heute-bin-ich.html

20.12.2010 / florena

The winter dreams wander through Bitburg
On the fourth Advent, Damaris from http://www.mondperle.blogspot.com hid the winter dreams for you in the middle of Bitburg in a forest near the roundabout between Mötscher, Trierer, Saar and Echternacher Straße.

Bigger map view

More information and pictures can be found in the full article at: http://mondperle.blogspot.com/2010/12/19-dezember-florena-wintertraume-kiste.html

December 19, 2010 / florena

The winter dreams in Lüdenscheid
On today’s Advent Saturday, Melanie from http://www.mac-princess.blogspot.com has chosen a very special place to hide her winter dreams, namely the place where she got her marriage proposal: a stone in the middle of Felde in Lüdenscheid, North Rhine-Westphalia.

Bigger map view

The full article with all the information can be found here: http://mac-princess.blogspot.com/2010/12/florena-wintertraume-bzw-mein.html

18.12.2010 / florena

The winter dreams in the Stuttgart palace garden
Today Jasmin from www.blog.y-style.de/tea_and_twigs, including the sniffer dog, went to her absolute favorite place in Stuttgart to hide the winter dream box for you there.
She chose the castle garden near the castle square, between the state parliament and ballet, because the place is incredibly diverse and offers many beautiful photo backdrops.

Bigger map view

All information and pictures can be found in the full article at: http://blog.y-style.de/tea_and_twigs//2010/12/16/adventskalender-mal-anders-mit-florena/

December 17, 2010 / florena

Advent calendar until December 21st
For 24 days, 24 bloggers hide the Florena “Winter Dreams” box in their favorite places in nature. Every day of Advent until Christmas you can find information about the places where a box was hidden. The finder can of course keep the box. However, we would be very happy to receive pictures, comments or emails from the finder.

So that you don’t go looking without orientation, we now introduce you to the bloggers who will hide your winter dreams for you in the third week of Advent.

15) www.emily-van-der-hell.blogspot.com // Emily van der Hell wears black, lives white and writes about things that she loves or that move her. It starts with all sorts of everyday things, continues with clothes, shoes, bags and make-up, does not end with DIY ideas and has long not ended with animal welfare issues.

16) Jasmin from www.blog.y-style.de / // tea & twigs is a fashion & lifestyle blog that has lots of photos and DIY tips in addition to beauty topics. Author Jasmin lives and studies in Stuttgart, where you can also find the next Florena package.

17) Martina from www.themenriff.net //

18) Melanie from www.mac-princess.blogspot.com // The blog from www.mac-princess.blogspot.com is all about make-up, care and everything that goes with it. The blogger tries to protect her readers from bad purchases by reviews of the products. She started blogging because she “suddenly” realized that cosmetics are very important to her. Unfortunately, there were no friends and acquaintances with whom she could share her newly discovered passion. Through her blog, she found a way to exchange ideas with other girls who shared the same love of cosmetics as she did. The fact that she also enjoyed writing on the side was another incentive to start the blog.

19) Damaris from www.mondperle.blogspot.com // The blog www.mondperle.blogspot.com came into being a good year ago because she was a beginner in makeup and wanted to document how someone new to the blogger community is doing. She has always found blogs great and interesting and finally wanted to get involved. That is also the point that motivated her to blog the most: to exchange ideas with many like-minded and yet very different girls.

20) Daniela from www.danib001.blogspot.com // Dani is 30 years young, lives in Munich and writes about everything to do with cosmetics and beauty in general in her blog www.danib001.blogspot.com. She has been an observer and silent reader for years, until one day she had the motivation to just try it herself. Since then she has been passionate about reporting on everything that is used in everyday life and hopes that this will help many readers in their selection. Since her blog existed, she has met so many nice people who also share her passion. Sometimes a completely different topic sneaks into the blog and she enjoys that too.

21) Mimosa and Lola from www.beautired.blogspot.com// www.beautired.blogspot.com deals with cosmetics, care products, accessories and a little with lifestyle, but also the associated trends, “rumors”, discussions and social media. The two authors always try to write in a varied and personable way. The blog beautired does not want to become the biggest beauty blog of all time, but rather to stir up this uniform image a little. You want to talk about the same thing but look at the issues a little differently; Bringing wit to the matter and lively talk about the favorite subject of many young women: cosmetics. Mimosa and Lola started blogging because they thought it was nice to share experiences with good or bad products with the world and to live out their hobby with like-minded people.

We wish you a lot of fun and success in finding your winter dreams.

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