Florena “Winter Dreams” Advent Calendar

For 24 days, 24 bloggers hide the Florena “Winter Dreams” box in their favorite places in nature. Every day of Advent until Christmas you can find information about the places where a box was hidden. Click here to see the current hiding place .
The finder can of course keep the box. However, we would be very happy to receive pictures, comments or emails from the finder.

Before you start looking, we would like to introduce you to the bloggers who will show us their most beautiful place for the first 7 days and hide the Florena “winter dreams” box there.

1. anna frOst // www.fashionpuppe.com // anna frOst, meanwhile she belongs to the inventory of the blogosphere, well-known fashion blogger and self-confessed beauty fanatic blogs on www.fashionpuppe.com about fashion, everyday life, beauty and and and. She currently has male guest bloggers who share their views on fashion and women.

2. John & Skady // www.hauptstadt-diva.blogspot.com // John and Skady deal with lifestyle, fashion, art, fashion, cosmetic products and various places (bars, public spaces etc.) and process the collected Information or the impressions gained about a post in order to be able to share it with your fellow human beings.

3. Sven Dietrich // www.pop64.de // Since moving from Berlin to Hamburg for professional reasons in 2004, Sven Dietrich has been writing regularly about the two cities and comparing, more or less fair, cultural and everyday topics as well as some local specialties with each other and awards points for Hamburg and Berlin in each article.

4. Mareike // www.bluebell81.blogspot.com // Her environment had little interest in beauty and make-up and that’s why she decided 1.5 years ago to start the beauty blog. She enjoys the exchange with her readers and tries to inspire make-up enthusiasts through tutorials and to give them helpful instructions. Her whole heart and soul goes into every single posting and the blog has meanwhile become her favorite hobby.

5. Marcel // www.ddpix.de // DDpix.de – More than just a photo! With this slogan the site describes itself. On DDpix there is a lot of information as well as tips and on the photographic topics of landscape, architecture and night photography. In our blog we record our photo tours in exciting photo reports and describe the creation of our pictures. Furthermore, there is always current information about the city of Dresden and its surroundings.

6. Claudia // www.forher.de // Everyone who likes “Sex an the City” feels at home here: forher.de provides young women with the latest from the world of celebrities as well as highlights from fashion and beauty every day.

7. Nina // http://style-and-beauty.blogspot.com/ // Nina has been dealing with the finer things in life for over 20 years. Since she had a lot to do with cosmetics at work, she quickly developed an affinity for cosmetics and fashion. Her blog specializes in luxury cosmetics in particular and offers female readers helpful tips and tricks on how to put yourself in the limelight in a glamorous way.

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