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Gambling is majorly dependent on luck for most parts. Games like poker and blackjack are among the few that allow players to influence the game in one way or another. Rest majority of the games are based on your control and luck over the game. Even poker and blackjack will make you lose if the luck is not in your favor. Due to this reason, the gambling culture has raised several rumors about gambling and luck that have become a part of the culture in different regions. You can find people who talk about luck and different ways to make oneself lucky. Here are some gambling myths that you probably did not know about.

Wearing red

Red is the color of prosperity in China and many other regions around the world. Gamblers who wear red color to the casino will surely tell you how lucky the color is for them. If not anything, everyone in China will keep a red handkerchief with themselves. Several casinos in Macau have their own red rooms that are meant to bring luck and prosperity to the players during their games.

Red Dress

Crossing fingers

While we may know this from our childhood, crossing fingers is also believed to work for gamblers. The community believes crossing fingers is lucky during the games. On the other side, crossing legs is considered unlucky and is avoided by the players. Most gamblers cross their fingers every now and then during the games. This is a common habit seen among beginners as well.

Hungry Baby Ghost

A funny yet scary superstition in China is that feeding sugar to a baby ghost will bring good luck. People in China believe that gamblers have a baby ghost for themselves that watches them play the games. If the gamblers treat the baby ghost with sugar or sweets before the game, the ghost will stay calm and might even help the gamblers win a few games.

Mojo Bag

mojo bag


The Western part of America has several superstitions about witchcraft and voodoo practice. The gamblers here carry a mojo bag with them. It is supposed to bring gamblers good luck while playing. This mojo bag consists of unique ingredients like herbs, favorite objects, and other things. Many gamblers who believe in mojo bags may not even touch the games if they do not have their bag with them.

Looking away

Many gamblers believe looking away from the games can bring them good luck. On the other hand, some gamblers believe they will suffer from bad luck if they look away. You may already have the habit of either looking at something or looking away if you expect something from it. Some gamblers even believe that staring hard at the roulette ball or the cards will bring their desired results.

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