Florena Advent Adventure: December 13-18, 2011


The Florena Advent Adventure is in its third round. Here you will find an overview of the bloggers who will present their most beautiful place on the Advent days and hide the Florena Advent adventure box there.
13.12. Ulf from GPWay // Radebeul near Dresden // Ulf writes a lot about running. On his blog you can find his runs, his successes and the paths he covers.
13.12. Alexander von Geocaching Nordfriesland // Nordfriesland // Alexander runs a blog with Geocaching Nordfriesland, which is completely dedicated to the topic of geocaching, especially regionally related to the North Frisian area.
14.12. Henrik and Marek from Running Twins // Munich // Berlin // Marek and Henrik are twins who report together on Running Twins about running and their personal sporting experiences.
15.12. Gerd from Diro Online // Groß -zimmer near Frankfurt // Gerd started running for health reasons. In February 2008 he founded his blog and gave here, so to speak, “the public promise” to change his life. The blog contributed a great deal to the success and therefore reflects part of Gerd’s life.
15.12. Nina from Style and Beauty // Essen // Nina has been dealing with the beautiful sides of life for over 20 years. Since she had a lot to do with cosmetics at work, she quickly developed an affinity for cosmetics and fashion. Her blog specializes in luxury cosmetics in particular and offers female readers helpful tips and tricks on how to put yourself in the limelight in a glamorous way.
16.12. Ruben from GetFitter // Northern Black Forest // Ruben blogs about running and mountain biking in the Northern Black Forest.
16.12. Christian von SinusLäufer // Neuwied near Koblenz // In Christian’s blog you can find articles about his running goals, their realization and the sport itself.
17.12. Andreas von Startblog-F // Berlin // Startblog F is a blog for beginners in running. Andreas shares his passions for running, writing and web design on his own runner blog, startblog-f.
17.12. Melanie from Mac Princess // Lüdenscheid near Dortmund // Melanie’s blog is about make-up, care and everything that goes with it. The blogger tries to protect her readers from bad purchases by reviews of the products. Through her blog, she found a way to exchange ideas with other girls who share the same love of cosmetics as she does.
17.12. Isabelle von Beauty Addicted // Koblenz // The blog Beauty Addicted deals with cosmetics, facial care and body care. These are also the topics that have become the blogger’s hobby. With the help of her blog, she tries to answer questions from readers who are not familiar with it.
December 18 Stefan von Scale Stefan // Goslar // Stefan blogs mainly about mountain biking. On ScaleStefan you can read everything about his tours and the sport.
December 18 Sven von Pop64 // Hamburg // Sven Dietrich moved from Hamburg to Berlin in 2004 for professional reasons. Since then he has been writing regularly about the two cities and comparing, more or less fairly, cultural and everyday topics as well as some local specialties. In each article he awards points to Hamburg and Berlin.
December 18 Daniela from Dani’s Beauty Blog // Munich // Dani writes in her blog about everything that concerns cosmetics and beauty in general. Since her blog came into existence, she has met a lot of nice people who share her passion.

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